I was raised as a polar bear cub on the frozen plains of Hoth.

My father, a Yeti, would bring home the ice fish for me and my kid brother to cook every day. When I was old enough, I was given the opportunity to travel the Outer Rim. It gave me a chance to meet all kinds of the cast of characters on the stage of the universe. (Not to mention the finest that the Cantinas of the universe had to offer).

A few years after returning home, I replied to a job posting for work as a scribe in Jabba’s Palace (back when that was a thing). I always had the smarts to write two copies of everything I saw, as the Hutts were not known to be a people who appreciate accurate details and harrowing journalism.

Later, I would go on to publish the true account of my time spent there under the best-selling title, A History of Jabba’s Palace: Back When That Was a Thing. I now go around the galaxy looking for other neat stories to tell. Maybe within that, I will let you know some of my own story.

Stay Classy,

Chris – pause/delete/home


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